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Our Story

Our Mission

At Tempo, our mission is simple – to help you feel better every day. That means giving your body a chance to hit the reset button in the middle of a frenzied day and to refuel with beverages that provide a natural lift.


We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to feeling better. Our lives are a lot more complicated than that. That’s why our infused sparkling teas go beyond a single ingredient, single effect, or single purpose. We build upon our select cannabinoid extracts with a craft blend of functional foods and herbs that provide complementary nutritional benefits.


This isn’t about bio-hacking – this is about naturally enhancing your best self. We believe that better benefits can be unlocked through better ingredients. And we believe that quality ingredients can stand on their own without all the artificial junk that has become too common in our food today.


We hope that our beverages help you to naturally fuel your own creative rhythm, and give you a reliable boost to feel more focused, energized, and balanced during your day.


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A Note From Our Founder

Tempo was created when a fascination about the way our brains function inspired me to search for a better way to fuel my daily performance.


We’ve all become so familiar with the feeling of mental exhaustion that oftentimes we don’t even register that it’s happening. It’s our baseline. During my undergraduate studies in Neuroscience at Princeton University and through my days as an investment banker in New York and Chicago, I was as guilty as anyone about pushing my body past the point of mental exhaustion. And while that might work for awhile, it’s just not sustainable – at some point our bodies start to wear down.


I needed a better solution to support my cognitive function, and that started with giving my body better fuel. I cut out the artificial junk and replaced them with cleaner, natural ingredients. I blended powerful and complementary natural ingredients together to enhance their benefits. As I did this, I found that not only did my mental energy improve, but I also felt more focused, more resilient to stress, and more clear-headed in my daily interactions.


This positive result led to a realization – that better performance is best achieved by supporting our bodies natural functions, not overriding them with high-octane supplements. And while there’s no “silver bullet” for optimizing daily performance, treating your body better is a pretty good place to start.


Tempo was created to share one piece of my own search for better cognitive performance with others that are perpetually pushing themselves to achieve something great. We want you to get there, and we hope that our beverages can offer a little boost along the way.


Cheers to feeling better every day!

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