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"Energy" - a Healthier Way

TL;DR? Here's the summary...

  1. Control the Amount of Energy
  2. Choose the Right Source of Energy
  3. Avoid Added Sugar
  4. Get Better Sleep

Food is fuel, and every day we look to it in order to stay energized and productive. Most people use drinks to obtain energy, especially at the beginning of their day, as well as after lunch. Inspired by our own personal trials and tribulations working long hours at our desks at demanding jobs, we went deep into beverage research and development to create products that can help people fuel themselves properly. We learned that there was a right way to do energy. Below is the study guide on how to do energy the healthy way.

Control The Amount

Bigger and more is not always better. This is especially the case with drinkable caffeine. It is actually possible to overdose on caffeine, a state which leaves you feeling over-stimulated, jittery, and off-kilter. Controlling the amount of caffeine can help you better manage your energy through the day. Think about monitoring the amount of caffeine you take in, and reflect on how you felt. This will help you determine the amount that works best for you.

Choose the Right Source

Many plants naturally contain energy. Food scientists have also mastered the synthesis of energy, and as a result we see these chemicals popping up in energy drinks. Where your energy comes from can determine how it affects your body, and, ultimately, the functionality. There is a difference between being stimulated and energized. We are big fans of tea as a source of natural energy, due to its lower dose and the gentle power of L-Theanine as a modulator of the release of caffeine. The source matters!

Avoid Added Sugar

We shouldn’t need to convince you on this one. It is 2019 - there is no need for added sugar in your drinks. Plenty of health-forward options exist.

Get Better Sleep

This one is often overlooked, especially among aspirational professionals working demanding jobs. Forming good sleep habits (going to bed and getting up at the same time every day) and getting enough sleep (i.e., how many hours do you really need to be effective) are important. Good sleep keeps your body and mind stable throughout the day, naturally positioning yourself for a more productive day. 



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