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Avoiding Burnout At the Office

TL;DR? Here's the summary... 

  1. Be smart about your caffeine rituals
  2. Unplug occasionally
  3. Be mindful
  4. Know your breaking point


Work culture today is composed of an army of over-worked, over-stressed, perpetually busy professionals. We see it all the time with our friends and colleagues - a large proportion of society is working on the edge of a physical and mental collapse: the burnout. Yikes. Burnout sucks, but it turns out that it’s entirely avoidable. We’ve been there before too, and we have honed some practices to help avoid burnout. We’re here for you!

Be smart about your caffeine rituals

Riding a caffeine rollercoaster every day, with peaks and valleys of productivity jolts and slumps of fatigue are a sure-fire way to burn out. You don’t have to live in fast-lane of caffeine consumption. We are big fans of tapping into the benefits of low-dose, “micro-dosed” caffeine. You should be able to set your own rhythm, and making the right choices of how you dose your caffeine is a surprisingly overlooked part of the workday.

Unplug occasionally

We are all slaves to our devices. While being able to work from our phones can sometimes be a great thing, it also means we have a hard time detaching. While sometimes it might feel like a mini-escape to check a social media feed or our fantasy football team stats, there is always another task or reminder just a quick swipe away. Try taking some little breaks where you can unplug during your day. You need to give your mind a break from the constant feed of data and information our devices send to us. Let’s be honest - you shouldn’t be taking your phone into the bathroom with you (75% of Americans do it).

Be mindful

Mindfulness and meditation have seen a massive boost in popularity in recent years, moving from Temples to the mainstream - and for good reason. Taking even just 5 minutes at some point in your day to disconnect and relax the mind and body can help you detach and re-center. Our team uses the Headspace app to chill out.

Know your breaking point

Being able to recognize the signs of exhaustion, fatigue, and stress are crucial. If you push forward in this state, you run the risk of collapsing and causing issues with your colleagues and team. Something as easy as taking 10 minutes to get some fresh air, listening to a song that makes you happy (“Africa” by Toto, we are looking at you), hitting a yoga class or workout, or just getting up and stretching the legs can help you recharge before revisiting work and hitting your next target. Our favorite workplace stretch is to pull your fingertips back toward the wrist and hold for 10 seconds - - you’ll be ready to type again in no time!


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