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5 Tips for A Healthy 2019

TL;DR? Here's the summary...

  1. Eat more fruit and veggies
  2. Limit sugar
  3. Control your caffeine
  4. Stay active
  5. Unplug occasionally


The New Year is here, and we’ve all been thinking about our resolutions and how we can be better in our daily routines. Staying healthy, losing weight, and making better dietary choices are always some of the most popular themes in New Year resolutions. However, following these goals can sometimes be tough. At Tempo, we are big fans of healthy ingredients and clean eating. Whatever your goals are, here are some tips for a healthy and productive new year.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

These foods are low in calories and have lots of protective compounds and minerals. Also, they they won’t make you feel bloated, inflamed, or continuously hungry through the day. Fruits and vegetables can help you stay healthy, can prevent diseases, and help with digestion. They’re also delicious and can make a great substitute for those wanting to cut back on their meat consumption.

Limit your sugar intake

It’s not secret that sugar can be very damaging to our bodies, as the research overwhelming supports links between sugary diets and weight gain, diabetes, and chronic health problems. Beverages with added sugars are a sneaky way for sugar to creep into your diet, and in a major way: some sodas, for example, can have up to 10 teaspoons of added sugar. Our recommendation: ditch sugary drinks altogether.

Control your caffeine

If you follow our blogs, then you know we are big on drinking the right amount of caffeine. Drinking 2-3 coffees or energy drinks per day can leave you jittery, edgy, and tired - not to mention the health and monetary expenses. Tea has been shown to deliver clean energy in lower doses - so you can still get the cognitive benefits you crave to get your day going - but without the crash.

Stay active

This one is a no-brainer, but can be especially tough during the cold winter months. Movement and exercise can help you lose weight, maintain your body, while boosting your mood and morale (the endorphins from working out are magic). Physical activity can also improve your energy levels and keep your body and mind alert.

Make a conscious effort to unplug

We love our gadgets and our phones, and spend hours per day on our email and social media. Studies show that it is important to unplug, and sometimes scheduling time to do so can be helpful for allowing ourselves to reboot. Consider stopping phone time an hour or so before work, and keep your phone in a different room than your bedroom. Other tips include checking email less frequently, or using social media as a reward in between periods of work. Technology-free time should be used for friends, family, or being in nature.

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