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5 Myths About Caffeine We Are Happy to Put to Bed


  1. It wakes you up
  2. More is better
  3. It is unnatural
  4. It is addictive
  5. You can’t function without it


The alarm goes off, you get out of bed, and get ready for your day. Within the first 20 minutes of being awake, your brain starts signaling the need your morning pick me up. Sound familiar? Whether you’re after a coffee, tea, or some other type of consumable source of energy source - chances are you’re on the hunt for the world’s most popular stimulant: caffeine.

Caffeine is a big deal: 90% of Americans consume it at least once per day, and it is the world’s most consumed psychoactive drug (yes, it is a….yes, 90% of us take drugs every day. Own it!). As a society we equate caffeine with performance, and rightfully so: decades of research have demonstrated its cognitive and performance benefits. Yet along with the all the hype, caffeine can also get a bad reputation. Here are 5 myths about caffeine that we would like to clear up before you take your next sip.

1. Myth: It wakes you up

Caffeine doesn’t wake you up, per se. Instead, it energizes your brain for tasks like problem-solving, focus, and cognitive function. It also blocks the receptors in your brain for a compound that makes you sleepy (adenosine, there’s some science for you). Because we generally consume coffee to ‘perk’ up, often times in the morning, we think it ‘wakes’ us up. What’s really happening is you are ramping up your brain for enhanced function.

2. Myth: More is better

We live in a society where we think bigger always means better. The same goes for caffeine, when we think we need another cup, or we should grab the drink with the highest amount of caffeine. We’ve looked at the science behind caffeine, and the research has actually shown that smaller, more consistent doses of caffeine (20-60 mg) can produce cognitive and performance benefits that are as strong as higher doses (>100 mg). We like to call this “micro-dosing” energy, and is why we are so excited about Tempo’s latest sparkling teas.

3. Myth: It is unnatural

Caffeine is found in nature, and is just one of the many functional compounds our amazing planet naturally provides for us. Tea leaves, coffee beans, and guarana berries are just a few of the over 60 plants that naturally contain caffeine. However, caffeine is also synthesized in food labs for use in various food and beverage products, such as energy drinks. We prefer to be powered by plants. Plus, it sounds cool and you sound smarter when you say it this way!

4. Myth: It is addictive

This is actually a myth. There is little evidence for humans being physiologically addicted to caffeine.Research suggests that people don’t get addicted to the caffeine, but instead we become dependent on the functionality it provides us. It is easy to get into the downward spiral of cranking energy-based drinks in the morning and after lunch, even after you have already had your fair share. Because we tend to equate our daily function with caffeine, we think we are addicted to it. Everything in moderation, folks.

5. Myth: You can’t function without it

Caffeine is a tool - when used properly, and at your own rhythm, it can deliver great results. We believe in caffeine, and stand behind functional products as a solution to help people power through their days. That being said, caffeine should be used in tandem with other beneficial practices, like regular exercise, and a healthy diet. Try dropping your caffeine consumption levels down a bit. We bet you’ll see the same results you had before, but you’ll feel better, both physically and mentally. Trust us, we tried it!

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