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3 Key Cognitive Benefits of Clean Eating

TL;DR? Here's the summary...

1. Enhanced productivity and alertness
2. Stress resilience
3. Improved mood

There are countless benefits of eating healthy and staying fit. Aside from the obvious physical long-term benefits such as weight loss and reducing risk of cancer and disease, there are also mental and cognitive benefits that can manifest in our day to day. Simply put, eating clean is good for the brain. At Tempo, we’re not shy about touting the cognitive benefits of good food, so here are 3 Key Benefits of Clean Eating.

Enhanced productivity

We all know the feelings of fatigue and bloat after eating poorly. Carbohydrate-heavy meals, sugary drinks, and lots of red meat can make us feel like we are not in control of our energy levels. If we take a holistic view of wellness, it is easy to see that there are many scientific links between healthy eating and productivity. Eating well increases energy, ensures a healthy immune system, and improves sleep. These benefits can manifest in greater concentration, motivation, and alertness at work; these links are underscored by the rise of health and wellness programs and offerings are offices nationwide.

Stress resilience

When we are stressed out, we often look to comfort foods or items that will make us feel good in the short term. Science suggests this approach is actually the opposite of what we should be doing. Leaner, healthier foods provide compounds, minerals (i.e., Omega-4 fatty acids), and vitamins (Vitamin C) that actually protect against spikes in stress hormones! Black tea (yes, we are biased) has been shown to reduce cortisol after stressful events, a result of the L-theanine which can modulate as a stabilizer.

Improved mood

There is increasing evidence to suggest that food plays a large role in our mood. Spikes in blood sugar from eating sugary items can provide a short-lived burst of energy that is followed by a tired, cranky feeling; whereas more natural sources of energy slow their release into the bloodstream, providing a more balanced mood and a release of serotonin which triggers a feeling of happiness.

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